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Getting a tutor these days is as easy as ordering pizza, owing to the growing popularity of the concept of online tutoring. Despite this, many people are sceptical about opting for this form of tutoring due to various reasons.

One of the biggest questions that come to mind is can online tutors perform as well as live tutors? The answer is simple: yes! Now you may ask how? Read on to find out.

  1. The effectiveness of online tutoring has been questioned many times due to its lack of face-to-face communication. People believe that student perform better when they can see their tutor. The introduction of more advanced technologies has helped solve this problem. Thanks to the webcam, student can now have a face to face conversation with their tutors. They can communication on a better level with their teacher.
  2. Another backslash online tutors have received is that students can’t communicate the problems they’re facing effectively through chats and emails. They have difficulty in putting their troubles in words. Voice chat comes as an answer to this. Students and tutors can communicate via this medium as if they are in the same room.
  3. In many cases online tutors are better than live tutors. Many students have problems speaking in public. This is why they don’t raise their hands in class to clarify their doubts. Such students do better with an online tutor. Since they have the option of not choosing face to face communication, they feel more comfortable speaking about the problems they’re facing in a subject and clarifying their doubts.
  4. Online tutoring has become as effective as live tutoring. There are many technologies and applications that online tutors use these days to make their teaching more effective. These include video lessons, e-classrooms, audio tapes, mock test modules and interactive projects. These new techniques keep the students more engaged and increase their interest levels. You may have noticed that you always do better in subjects you are interested in. In the same way, perking a student’s interest helps them learn the subject more easily.
  5. Another reason why online tutors can perform as well as, if not better than live tutors is the fact that they’re available round the clock. You have access to your tutor whenever you want, which is not possible with a live tutor. A live tutor has dedicated teaching sessions and you need to be there on time. It’s easier to reschedule with online tutors.
  6. You may have seen that you better understand educational stuff when you’re in the mood to study. For example, if you proactively pick up your math book and start working on the sums, you find studying much easier than when you mom or dad forces you to study. One of the reasons why online tutoring is as effective as it is may be because students are free to choose when they want to study. The tutor works according to the student’s convenience. There are some exceptions to the rule in cases where online tutors have decided tutoring sessions.

Selecting an online tutor over a live one may be a wise decision if you live in a remote area or don’t have the resources to travel to a tutorial center. Such tutors are just as efficient in their teaching methods as live tutors, along with offering more convenience.


Have Realistic Expectations

The idea of hiring online tutor has been popular in recent years. Student and parents are resorting to this option as a supplement to their education and their children’s education respectively. With online tutoring you are not only flexible but also can access the service any time of the day. This gives a student freedom of choice other than working as per the tutor’s schedule. Online tutoring offers a lot more benefits than the traditional way of attending actual classes or the tutor coming to your home. A good online tutoring service should:

  1. Have the technical resources necessary for quick, hassle-free, file sharing
  2. Be user friendly, otherwise you would spend more time learning how it works than learning the topic you want
  3. Have interactive functionalities, such as chat, live mentor review, or a community

Online tutoring comes in two different forms. The first one is called asynchronous tutoring. It is done offline. Pupil gets emails for their assessments and then submits upon completion. The second format is called synchronous. It is done online with real-time interaction between the two parties. Some software is needed to allow various modes of communication like text, audio and video.

When you resort to online tutoring, you should follow the following process. First you should identify how the tutor will help you or your child. Most online tutors and online tutoring sites will offer a variety of subjects. Since very few of them will have what you need, it is therefore important to identify the one specialized in subjects that can solve your problem.

Next step: make a list of the online tutors available. As you go through the list of tutors that matches your problem make notes on them. Consider costs and staff qualification among other factors. The final part is to choose the tutor. If this procedure is followed properly, you stands to enjoy the benefits of an online tutor.

Online tutors are usually flexible and convenient. They can also be time and cost saving. The following are the major benefits of an online tutor.

Online tutor can be accessed at any time of the day. Sometimes you can give a very short notice.

It is easier for a parent to follow the student’s progress. The tutors can also give out the children report on a regular basis with ease.

Your geographical location is not a limitation. This enables you to get services of a highly qualified tutor regardless of where you are. And it saves traveling time.

It is cheaper as compared to the other method of one-on-one tutoring.

Our children could be busy with sports and other extracurricular activities. This makes it difficult to attend face-to-face classes. This makes online tutoring a convenient option as they can always be in touch with their tutors.

Choosing the tutors. The pupil may have the freedom to choose their tutors based on their likes.

Students can always be in touch with tutor even if they have travelled. Tutors always travel for their academic careers. This means that means that student will miss face to face classes. But with online tutoring this problem is solved. This maintains a good relationship between the pupil and the tutor.

However, no matter how good online tutoring may be, it has its own limitations. This does not imply that the student do not have benefits of an online tutor. The following some of the limitations you should be weary of if you choose online tutoring.

  • The student may require some IT training meaning that it may not suit young children.
  • The student may need special need in some areas.
  • Sometime parents may be required to assist the student.
  • Minimal interaction between the parent and the tutor due to lack of face to face meeting.

e-Learning Facts

Turn $1 into $30

According to a study from IBM, one dollar spent in e-Learning turns into $30 of extra productivity.

Save the World

An online course consumes much less energy per student than a classroom based one. In fact, it does save 90% of the energy!

More than twice faster

Learning online brings results faster: 60% faster than traditional education.


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