SAT Preparation Tips

With the change in times, getting into a good college is becoming harder everyday because the number of applicants who want to get into these schools are ever going up yet the number of admissions is staying at a relative constant.

The admission rate for Princeton is 9% which is in tandem with the studies done that show that a number of Ivy League universities have admission rates of below 10% while top public universities have admission rates of between 20% and 25%. Parents are therefore choosing to get SAT tutors for their children to give them an advantage over the masses of other students applying to the same colleges.

It’s important to ask how a tutor can help preparing for SAT before you spend massive amounts without seeing results.

SAT tutoring could cost anything from $125 per session which is usually an hour or 50 minutes to about a $1000 per session with some tutoring agencies. So taking into account the insane prices and the number of sessions per week and the number of months that it would take to actually see results this could very well be one of the most expensive ventures.

However to know whether your child really needs it you should consider a few things. These include:

  1. Your child’s current scores. If they have already taken the test once before you can use these as a base. If not you can use practice tests from books like The Official SAT Guide although you will have to subtract like 100 points to cater for the standardization that usually takes place.
  2. Look at the score and chart an end goal according to how bad or well your child is fairing. This will help you figure out the number of sessions and months they will need to have.
  3. The third is to figure out whether to go with a company or an individual tutor depending on the effort on the status of your child’s scores and the costs involved.
  4. The fourth and most important thing that you need to consider is your kid and whether they are willing to put in the extra hours or if they are not as interested in the SAT as you are.
  5. Getting a tutor to help with the preparation for the SAT or any other college entrance exam will depend on how motivated your child is because lack of motivation will not yield any results.

The companies can either have tutors who come to your home or your teenager can go to their offices for the scheduled sessions. They can also provide online coaching which is convenient and flexible because the learning takes place irrespective of location and time.

How a tutor can help can help preparing for SAT will depend on their qualification, your child’s motivation and the sessions provided. By raising SAT scores your child is more likely to get accepted into their school of choice as well as increase their chances of getting a scholarship or grant that is merit based. Whether it is online or face to face, if a tutor is qualified, professional and dedicated he or she will deliver results.

e-Learning Facts

Turn $1 into $30

According to a study from IBM, one dollar spent in e-Learning turns into $30 of extra productivity.

Save the World

An online course consumes much less energy per student than a classroom based one. In fact, it does save 90% of the energy!

More than twice faster

Learning online brings results faster: 60% faster than traditional education.


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