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Unless you have experienced how exciting is to learn online, words can only go so far. The best way is to try for yourself, remembering that real online instruction is never "self-taught". Those are the YouTube videos, the textual tutorials, the self-help books.

Real online courses provide you with an interactive environment and a real teacher, and this makes all the difference.

  1. Tips to Select the Right Online Tutor This article will assist you in choosing the right tutor, something that's never as easy as we'd like, mostly for the natural anxiety associated to the unknown. But relax, it's easier than it seems!

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e-Learning Facts

Turn $1 into $30

According to a study from IBM, one dollar spent in e-Learning turns into $30 of extra productivity.

Save the World

An online course consumes much less energy per student than a classroom based one. In fact, it does save 90% of the energy!

More than twice faster

Learning online brings results faster: 60% faster than traditional education.


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